7 Cool Methods to Train Your Dog

Some people bring their pets to training schools or hire professional coaches, but these methods deprive you of the fun and satisfaction of having raised and trained your dog yourself. We give you seven training methods you can do at home, that will not only have your dog obeying every order you give, it will bring you and your four-legged friend closer together.

  1. Speak softly. Practitioners claim that this speaking softly can prevent the need to shout orders that your dog does not understand. Instead, try to read the body language of your dog so that you can communicate directly with him on a level of mutual respect. For example, if an aggressive dog confronts you, the best reaction is to stand still, turn around and blink rapidly. These movements are non-aggressive. Your dog may be easier to interpret and to calm down. By understanding your dog and communicating with him directly, the training experience will be more fun and effective. See also http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/virtual-pet-behaviorist/dog-behavior/introducing-your-dog-your-new-baby.
  1. Electronic Collar Training. An electronic collar is a dog collar that can be activated by a remote control and emits an electrical shock or vibration. This makes it is possible to punish your dog to correct misbehavior. This training method can be effective but it is important that the proper adjustments to intensity level be made to avoid hurting your pet. Prizes can be used together with electronic collar your dog to reward and encourage good behavior. It is important to note that many people find this method to be abusive and unethical. See http://zeebyrd.com/dog-training-reviews/real-sit-means-sit-dog-training-reviews/
  1. Training Games. Using games is a good way to train your dog while exercising. Studies have shown that dogs learn faster and respond better when training sessions have some game involved.
    For example, if you throw something for them to bring, it can be used to teach your dog the command “fetch” or “come”. Playing hide and seek with your pet, hiding his favorite toy and ask him to look, you can teach the command “seek”. When you play with him in areas with more people and animals, you get the added benefit of teaching your dog how to act around others. For more dog training reviews see: http://zeebyrd.com/dog-training-reviews/petsmart-dog-training-reviews/
  1. Clicker Training. This type of training uses a distinctive to identify good behavior. At first the “click” will need to be accompanied by a prize for the dog to associate the reward. Thanks to sound your pet will learn what behaviors will result in an award, and as it is a simple piece of information, lessons will be easy to retain. Over time the need to reward him with a treat will be removed because the dog will understand that sound is a reward for good behavior.

  1. Target Stick Training. A target stick is an adjustable cane that is used with a clicker to train your dog. Initially, the target stick should be rubbed with food to entice your dog. Once he smells it, reward him with a click.
    Repeat this exercise for him to learn to that the stick results in a reward. The next step is to make your dog follow his cane, which can be achieve by waving it under his head as a reward each time he follows the movement. Now try the stick away from him and reward him for moving in the same direction. Now that your dog has learned to follow the stick you can teach him to move to different locations, collect items and go to certain areas.
  1. Training Whistle. The whistle began to be used as a tool by hunters to train their dogs because it was good for the distance training and it was relatively quiet. Before starting this training, it is important to practice with the whistle to learn to distinguish between the short and long whistles. This can be supplemented with certain body movements so that you form comprehensible instructions for your dog.
    Once you feel comfortable with the whistle you can teach your dog to obey various commands and reward good behavior with a treat. The whistle can be used to give the dog commands like move him to another place. The dog can hear and understand even from a distance.
  1. Training by Differentiation. This is a training technique used by various police and government agencies. It use both positive and negative reinforcement to clarify what actions are appropriate and breaks down each action into simple steps to make the learning process simpler.
    First you must choose a positive word like “yes” to reward good behavior, and a negative like “no” for misconduct. The next step is to load those words to have meaning for the dog. Load the positive word by giving a treat to the dog and immediately say “yes”. To load the negative word, show him your empty hand and say “no”.
    Once the words have been loaded, separate the task into small steps: say “yes” for each correct action and “no” for each error.

For serious online dog training lessons see: http://zeebyrd.com/doggy-dan-reviews/

Dog Boarding

Doggie Hotel

Dog boarding businesses have become very popular over the past fifteen years. Many pet owners have turned to these services because of all the good services they offer. In today’s world it seems that the demands of the average person is increasing, and the kennel business is taking care of what people have less time for themselves.

The following are some examples of the services offered in the many areas for this type of business:

  • Washing and bathing dog
  • dogs to run, play,
  • roll around in the grass,
  • walking through the mud, and so on.

As human beings who need to be bathed. It’s not every day but at least twice a month they need a thorough cleaning or start to smell.

If it were that easy! Anyone who has owned a dog knows how difficult it is to achieve this. No dog wants to take a bath and every second fight that way. Once you factor in the constant struggle, splash, the royal bath, and cleaning (which is a lot), then it has been more than an hour bathing your dog.

Many Companies dog boarding can take care of this for you at a very inexpensive price and have trained experts who know how to handle the dogs.

Dog Grooming

There are several other things to do with your dog. These include combing, clipping nails and brushing teeth.

Again, all that can be very difficult for a person themselves. Dog boarding places offer a variety of such services which are necessary for the overall health of your dog.

Walking and running dogs

Dogs need regular exercise to stay in good health. Many people do not walk their dogs as they should and wonder why they get fat and lazy as they age.

Quality kennels offer services like these. They will give dogs the opportunity to walk and run in good long runs to get the dogs all the exercise you need.

Holiday Stays

Here is something that many pet owners do not think about. Instead of leaving their dogs with friends or have someone come to feed him or her, why not let your dog have a holiday as well.

There are many holiday doggie hotels with all the amenities and attractions a dog could want. They are equipped with playgrounds, toys, special gifts, and good scenery especially for dogs.

While these sites have grown in popularity they remain relatively unknown and unvisited. It comes down to the lack of publicity and this is still a new industry. Because of this, you may have to look a little harder to find just the right place, but your dog will love you for it.